Amy Egan

First Post

Hello and welcome to my new site! I'm not sure what this will eventually turn into, but for now I'm planning to use it as a collection of notes about what I'm trying and things I'm learning.

It'll probably turn into a sort of hybrid of a chronological blog and a digital garden. You can expect lots of experimental features and changes on the whole site. It will be a place to keep notes, share information, and try new things.

Sometimes I'll write about tech. Other times I'll write about the amazing wildlife that I get to enjoy here in South Florida, or the not-so-fun summer weather here, or craft projects I'm working on, or the cute and annoying things my dog does. Maybe I'll even throw in a recipe or two (vegetarian and gluten-free because food allergies are the best)!

I do hope my writing is helpful to someone other than myself eventually. But if it's only ever useful to me I can happily accept that. I imagine it will someday be nice to have project notes and a timestamped list of minor life events for future me to look back on. And I can only have that history if I actually start writing it. The second best time to plant a tree is now, after all.